Finnish sauna

  • High temperatures between 90-100 °C and low humidity at 6-15%.
  • One may enjoy the Finnish sauna 2-3 times a day for 12-15 minutes each time.
  • You will find a Finnish sauna at the upstairs sauna park, and another one on the ground floor as well.

Combined bio sauna with light therapy

  • The bio sauna is a gentler form of the Finnish sauna combined with light therapy: the temperature is only 70-80 °C with a higher humidity level of 45-50%
  • We recommend 1-2 visits a day, spending a maximum of 25-30 minutes in the sauna.

Infrared cabin

  • The temperature is low in the infrared cabin (40-60 °C), with the humidity at 10-20%. The beneficial infrared rays are absorbed by the deeper layers of the body.
  • The infrared sauna is useful for detoxification, pain relief and to strengthen the immune system.
  • One may enjoy the sauna 1-2 times a day for 30-40 minutes each time.

Steam bath

  • The steam bath relaxes the body, cleanses the respiratory system and has a detoxifying effect. The temperature is 43-48 °C with a 100% humidity.
  • We recommend 1-2 visits a day, spending a maximum of 30-40 minutes in the steam room.

Salt chamber

  • The chamber is tiled with salt blocks and has a constant humidity level of 70-80%.
  • The time you spend here will relieve your respiratory symptoms, strengthen your lungs, loosen phlegm and reduce respiratory inflammations.

Kneipp path

  • The bottom of the Kneipp path is covered with smooth, rounded stones in cold water. The stones will give your feet a gentle massage as you walk on the path, meanwhile you can lift your feet into the warm air from the cold water. The altering cold water and warm air will stimulate blood vessels with a beneficial circulatory effect, thus refreshing the feet.
  • Regular use can prevent inflammation and improve metabolism. Kneipp therapy is also used for circulatory disorders, tense muscles and exhaustion.

Ice well

  • A wall-mounted fountain, containing ice slush. The ice invigorates blood circulation and has a pleasant effect when rubbed onto the skin after sauna and/or shower.

Plunge pool

  • Take a dip in the cold plunge pool after your time at the sauna.
  • The water temperature is only 16 °C, the depth is 1 m. Please take a shower before use!

  • strengthens the immune system and intensifies cell building
  • helps heart function and blood circulation
  • reduce blood pressure in your expanded vessels
  • intensifies metabolism
  • relieves tension and helps improve coping with stress
  • perspiration helps to cleanse toxins from your system
  • calms the nervous system
  • the heat kills bacteria and viruses in the body
  • the variable temperature firms and induces the skin’s elasticity, juvenility and fights cellulitis
  • benefits general state of health
  • a perfect means of relaxation

Sauna sessions are held daily in the Finnish sauna and occasionally in the steam room. We provide information about the current daily sauna sessions on site.

Attendance in limited numbers only. Kindly book your session with the sauna masters. Participation only upon the show of a coupon, which you may only receive one hour before starting the treatment at the earliest.

Thank you for your understanding!

  • Sauna etiquette suggests showering before using the sauna, however one should enter the sauna with dry skin, after towelling down.
  • We suggest you use a towel or sauna sheet when sitting or lying down in the sauna.
  • We strongly advise against using the sauna right after a meal with a heavy stomach, or after drinking alcohol.
  • Kindly remove jewellery before entering, as hot metals may be uncomfortable and may even burn your skin!
  • While the sauna can prevent certain symptoms, it exacerbates fever, so kindly avoid the sauna when you are down with a fever!
  • Take a cold shower after sauna use and then use the cold plunge pool.
  • Take a rest between each sauna phase: allow your body to cool down before you start anew!
  • Enjoy the silence in the sauna and allow others to do the same.