Important information

We would like to inform our guests that the services of our wellness department can only be used by payment by card (debit card, credit card, personal SZÉP card).
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Please note that from 1 April 2023, sauna séances can be visited for a fee.

The fee for saunsa séances is 1 500 HUF, which can be paid at the wellness reception.

The services of our adventure baths and lakeside beach are also available to external guests until the permitted capacity is reached. When the capacity is reached, which is currently 200 guests in addition to the hotel guests, the bath will close.

Please call our SPA reception staff before departure (+36 22 589 971). Thank you.

Opening hours

am9 – pm9

Spa reception opening hours

am9 – pm7

Daily spa entrance fee

Valid from 01 March 2024 until withdrawn, except in high season.

(High seasons:  31 May – 1 September 2024)

Entry for children under 3 is free on weekdays, on the weekend and during high seasons.

*Please be informed that from Monday to Thursday afternoons, depending on the weather, small groups of children will be taught to swim in the outdoor swimming pools or in the large indoor adventure pool, which will involve the closure of a small part of the outdoor swimming pool or the large indoor adventure pool. Thank you for your cooperation, understanding and patience.

Adult (14 years and over) Monday to Thursday* 5 900 HUF
Adult (14 years and over) Friday to Sunday 8 900 HUF
Children (3-14 years) Monday to Thursday* 3 900 HUF
Children (3-14 years)Friday to Sunday 4 500 HUF
Adult (14 years and over) afternoon discount from 16:00,
Monday to Thursday*
4 500 HUF
Adult (14 years and over) afternoon discount from 16:00,
Friday to Sunday
6 900 HUF
Senior discount Monday to Thursday over the age of 65
(by presenting an identity card)*
 4 500 HUF
Family (2 adults 2 children – between 3-14 years – Monday to Thursday) afternoon discount from 16:00* 12 500 HUF
Family (2 adults 2 children – between 3-14 years – Friday to Sunday) afternoon discount from 16:00  18 500 HUF
Family (2 adults 2 children – between 3-14 years – Monday to Thursday)*  14 900 HUF
Family (2 adults 2 children between 3-14 years – Friday to Sunday) 22 900 HUF

Daily spa entrance fee - High season

Valid:  31 May – 1 September 2024
Adult (14 years and over) 8 900 HUF
Child (between 3-14 years) 4 900 HUF
Family (2 adults, 2 children, between 3-14 years) 22 900 HUF
Adult (14 years and over) afternoon discount from 16:00 6 900 HUF
Child (between 3-14 years) afternoon discount from 16:00 3 900 HUF
Family (2 adults 2 children between 3-14 years from 16:00 ) 18 500 HUF
  • Bank card (Mastercard, Maestro, Visa).
  • Széchenyi Savings Cards: personal K&H, MKB, or OTP SZÉP card.

Cash payment is not available! 

By presenting address card, we provide a 300 HUF discount on the price of all tickets (only for permanent Velence residents)!

  • Indoor and outdoor adventure pools
  • Children’s pools
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Medicinal pool
  • Finnish sauna
  • Plunge pool
  • Lakeside beach
  • EU-compliant playground

The adventure pool can be used under the supervision of an accompanying adult under the age of 14.
Our outdoor pools operate seasonally, depending on the weather.

  • Finnish sauna
  • 2 infrared cabins
  • 2 steam cabins
  • Combined bio sauna with light therapy
  • Ice well
  • Plunge pool
  • Rest area
  • Salt chamber
  • Kneipp path
  • Jacuzzi with a panorama of the lake
  • Medicinal pool
  • Relaxation terrace

The Sauna park can be used from the age of 14.

Other information

  • The spa and its services can only be used up to the permitted capacity – up to a maximum of 200 people in addition to the number of hotel guests.
  • The purchased ticket entitles you to a single entry.
  • We reserve the right to change prices!
  • Children under the age of 6, or children under the age of 14 who cannot swim, can only use the swimming pools under adult supervision and under the responsibility of the accompanying adult.
  • For non-potty-trained children, it is mandatory to wear a swimming diaper and swimming trunks together, as well as to change the swimming diaper regularly.
  • The operator of the spa is not responsible for any damage caused by the theft of clothes or valuables left unattended in the spa. Money and valuables are recommended to be placed in the safe at the spa reception, the operator assumes responsibility for the valuables placed there.
  • It is forbidden to bring cooler bags, food storage boxes, food or drinks into the spa and beach area!