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Wellness Vouchers

If you prefer, the recipient will not find out the amount you spent on the present. You may give a one-night’s stay, a wellness weekend or a weekday rest and relaxation as a gift. The gift voucher may include half board with unrestricted access to the adventure bath; or a specific package deal including a pampering massage - it is entirely up to you.

How to order a gift voucher at our hotel?

  • Our staff prepares a quote for your specifications.
  • If you like our quote, you may confirm your order in writing, and our staff will send you a confirmation from our end. 
  • Once you have transferred the amount of the quote to our bank account, we will prepare your voucher - with a name and a personal message on it, as you wish.
  • The voucher will be sent to you by mail, so you may not want to wait until the last minute with your order.


Address: H-2481 Velence, Béke u. 57.

Phone: Hotel: +36 22 589 900 | SPA: +36 22 589 971