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H-2481 Velence, Béke u. 57. Route Planner

Hotel: +36 22 589 900 | SPA: +36 22 589 971 |

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Dazzle your beloved with a tiny surprise upon arrival: choose from our selection of room extras or let us know your own ideas – we’ll do all that we can to make them come true.


A few sips of chilled bubbly will make the festive moments of your vacation even more special. Select the champagne of your choice from our wine list and let us know the time of your arrival – your tasty Hungária or Törley champagne will await you in your room.

Fruit bowl

A tiny surprise, a patch of lush colours in the room, pleasing to both the eyes and the palate. Allow us to prepare you and yours a refreshing fruit bowl after your travels, so that you may discover the services in the adventure bath and the children’s world with new found energy.

Birthday cake

Choose from our cakes of 6, 12 or 16 slices, depending on the size of the birthday party. We can prepare cakes in any flavour and in simple or classical design up to the truly extraordinary. We regret being unable to add candles or fireworks to the cakes awaiting you in your room. You may select this option when your cake is served in the restaurant.

Surprise present for the children

Your children will be delighted to hug a smaller, plush version of Ele-Philip and Ele-Fanny until the big meeting eye to eye - or nose to trunk? We can provide plush toys as well as any other present awaiting your arrival in your room.


Address: H-2481 Velence, Béke u. 57.

Phone: Hotel: +36 22 589 900 | SPA: +36 22 589 971