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Superior room

Some of our Superior rooms are located within the main building, while the others are located on the upper floors of the family wing.

Superior rooms in the main building

Our Superior rooms in the main building may just be the best choice for you if you prefer a bathroom with a tub and would like to be closer to the restaurant, adventure pool and reception. 

These rooms are ideal for families with small children: the floor space is 25 m2 and you will still be very comfortable even if you require an extra cot and a bed. The small indoor play center is just a few steps away and is open 24 hours a day. You may even warm up your food here. These rooms provide quick access to even larger indoor play centers

A few of the rooms are located on the ground floor, while most of them are upstairs. The rooms on the ground floor open onto a terrace and the ones upstairs have a balcony. The terraces and balconies of each and every room offer a view of the lakeside, the beach and a part of Lake Velence.

Superior rooms in the family wing

You will find more of our Superior rooms located on the upper floors of the family wing, which open onto an inner courtyard or face another building. Rest assured, you will still see a part of Lake Velence from the balcony. The floor space of the rooms is 22–23 m2, that means they can accommodate either an extra cot or a bed. The bathrooms are equipped with shower cabins. 

You may choose between double or twin beds. The double beds consist of two single beds tightly attached to one another, to prevent them from sliding apart.

Connecting rooms!

These rooms are connected to one another with a door in between, to create two-room units. Needless to say, the door is locked. In case you mind the thought of unknown guests on the other side, you may consider booking a room in the main building or ask for a Superior plus room.

You can access the main building, restaurant, adventure pool, and the indoor play centers through an indoor passage from the rooms in the family wing.

More room photos in the gallery!


Address: H-2481 Velence, Béke u. 57.

Phone: Hotel: +36 22 589 900 | SPA: +36 22 589 971