Giant slides

Our giant slides are designed for two differnt age groups. A pair of slides starting from the first floor, winding around the outside of the building and arriving in the lobby, are a favourite with younger children. The slides on the third and fourth floors are for older children. After sliding, it’s a special treat to monitor the duration or speed of the slide on the display above the slides. The two larger slides also start indoors, then after a short outside section, they arrive in the lobby above the gallery, where they take another big turn to reach the ground level.

The slides can be used with slide bags only throughout the day, except during the lobby programme.

Simulators, PlayStation

Who wouldn’t want to step into the shoes of a Formula 1 champion for a short break? The 2 Formula 1 simulators and PlayStation station in the lobby are a favorite of young and old, as well as adults.

Indoor jungle play center

The three-story Indoor Jungle play centre offers hours of fun for children between 6-10 years. Never a boring moment amidst a suspension bridge, punch bags, buoys, sponge dolls, balance-improving rolling cylinders, a plastic slide and the colourful ball pool.

The less bold may crawl into the colourful toy houses or mount the large animals.

Mini indoor jungle play centre

A mini version of the indoor Jungle play centre was completed in April 2017, with skill- and logic games, climbing wall and a slide.

The two sections were connected with a slide in June 2017. Once your children have discovered the upper floor of the indoor Jungle play centre, it may only take them a second to slide down to the mini section to start rediscovering the floors.

The Jungle play centre is at the children’s disposal seven days a week, from morning till late: 8.00 a.m. – 9.00 p.m.

Visitors of the Indoor Jungle play centre are requested to wear cotton socks for hygiene reasons.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Net playground

A real Spider-Man feeling. Your child can walk on air, on a net, play in our net playground. Surrounded on all sides by nets, the playground features hanging balls, fixed and swinging climbing nets, a nesting swing, a hanging net tunnel, and guarantees fun and playful movement development for children up to the age of 14.

With parental supervision, 3-3 children can play in the two separate sections. Access from the Hempergő above the reception. Socks are compulsory here too.

Small indoor play centre 24 hours a day

A főépület 1. emeletén, a szállodai recepció felett található a Hempergő, ami elsősorban a legkisebbeket és szüleiket várja.

The equipment focuses on babies and young children, 0 – 4 years old. You’ll find a mini baby slide, tiny rocking chairs, play mats, a mat wall, small mirrors and colourful play cubes, cars, soft cushions, cuddly animals and an Ele-Ear height meter to see how much your little ones have grown between 2 naps. Parents can watch their little ones play while relaxing on comfortable beanbags.

A toilet with changing facilities is directly next to the Hempergő playhouse.

There is also a microwave oven where you can heat your child’s food 24 hours a day.

Toy Island

Mum and Dad can rest, we’ll look after the kids!

Our skilled animators await your child with a creative playhouse, lots of games and craft activities with a variety of themes.

Lego, Duplo, building blocks, storybooks, dolls, mini kitchens, balls, cars, board games, all of which guarantee your child will have fun. You can paint, draw, colour, print, make beadwork as long as you have the energy.

The Play Island is open to children from 3 years old and childcare is provided. Adults are not allowed on the Play Island.

Wearing cotton socks is mandatory!

Please read Toy Island’s policy.