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Ele-Philip and Ele-Fanny

Two cute elephants, Ele-Philip and Ele-Fanny await the children at our hotel.
Meet them every day in life size.

Ele-Philip’s travels to Lake Velence were full of adventures, but when he arrived, he fell in love with the lake and the lakeside hotel. He wrote many a letters to his childhood friend, Ele-Fanny, about his life here, until one day Ele-Fanny paid him a birthday visit. 

Their story and a lovely song were composed in their honour. Read the story below. Children may dance with Ele-Philip and Ele-Fanny at the Mini Disco during their vacation. 

Ele-Philip’s and Ele-Fanny’s story

Once upon a time there was this beautiful country, Ele-Fantasyland, past the seven seas. Elephants lived in this country, as you probably guessed by now. Hence the name, Ele-Fantasyland, where everyone’s name started with Ele. The elephants’ king and queen peacefully reigned over the country. On a fine day, Ele-Philip, their tiny elephant baby was born. Their joy was boundless, as they had been longing for this child for a long time. As months passed, Ele-Philip grew and grew, much to the joy of his parents. He went to nursery and then to kindergarten, and made lots of friends everywhere. He was very popular among his ele-buddies, as he was always friendly, helpful and ele-fun, and constantly up to some mischief too. A girl, Ele-Fanny was his best friend, the daughter of the kingdom’s chancellor. As they lived in the kingdom too, the two ele-kids spent a lot of time together.

The day, when Ele-Philip finished his school, was a milestone in his life. His father wanted him to become a fair monarch on Ele-Fantasyland’s throne, so Ele-Philip was sent to travel the world. Ele-Philip obeyed his father’s request: he filled his backpack with his mug, baseball hat and book, and took a tearful farewell from his parents and Ele-Fanny, and off he went.

He travelled many a countries and was part of even more adventures, but not a week passed by without him sending a letter about it all to Ele-Fanny.

His travels took him to Hungary, to Lake Velence to be more precise.  He was surprised to see that there was so much fun stuff to do here. He rode a bike to see the sights of the region, then went canoeing on the lake, hiked in the hills and made lots of friends. One day he was thinking to himself: ‘I have been to mountains and valleys, waters and windy plains as well as beaches, but I have never found a place that has it all. We don’t have so much ele-fun in Ele-Fantasyland: there is drought too, but I love the water and I want to stay here.’  So he started to figure out how to settle down at Lake Velence. He found out that an ele-fantastic hotel is being built in town, so he went to check it out. He thought that the hotel would have a lot of kids visiting, who would be looking for fun, and as he made friends easily and liked people, kids especially, he went to see the hotel manager about it. The hotel manager loved the idea instantly, and asked Ele-Philip to move into the hotel. He has been living here in the hotel ever since, and the highlight of his day is when he dances with the kids at the Mini Disco - he wouldn’t miss it for the world. His parents visited him on the weekends. They were quite sad when Ele-Philip said he didn’t want to go home, but they were delighted too to see that their only child found his happiness here.

Ele-Philip kept writing his weekly letters to Ele-Fanny about all the ele-fun he had living in this hotel, and she was very excited to read his letters. Ele-Fanny then decided to visit her friend at a mid-term break, and met the same fate: she too became an ele-fan of Lake Velence and the hotel. Now the two of them await children on vacation, 365 days a year.


Address: H-2481 Velence, Béke u. 57.

Phone: Hotel: +36 22 589 900 | SPA: +36 22 589 971